We met online, fell in love and created this project…

Four Eyed Monsters, well what can we say? You had to be there? Well you can be there sort of. It was a one of a kind relationship and a resulting one of a kind project. The 13 episodes above rolled out over the period of a year and a half and brought a community of people on a ride with us that just doesn’t normally happen. Then the film came out becoming the first ever feature length movie on YouTube. This lead to a deal to release the film on TV, DVD and iTunes but then we never were paid and the project went dark for a year when not a single episode or copy of the film was available anywhere. Since then we’ve resolved the legal dispute and restored the film and episodes being available free online for the world to see. Have a look at the episodes and / or feel free to watch the film. You can also request a screening in your local area on a site we created called OpenIndie.com that helps filmmakers find audiences for their movies and you can use our film’s page there to set up a screening.

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218 Responses to “We met online, fell in love and created this project…”

  1. Mario Rodrigues Says:

    Hey guys! Just finished watching your moovie! :) Simply great! I realise that you’ve been through a bunch of stuff and problems while “rolling” the film! I’ve loved it! Already registered @ Spout.com to help you guys! NICE NICE MOOOOOVIEEEE! :))
    I’m a informatics engineer, a musician and also run a audio studio here, in Portugal!
    If I can help in anything (extra low budget :P ) like making some songs or so… Anything related to webpages, databases or anything else please send me a reply!

    Keep up the good work! You may count another new fan… it’s been 70 minutes of a fan but that’s a start! :P
    You may also contact me at MSN messenger : morsa@iol.pt

  2. Christopher Rice Says:

    Whoa! Didn’t see this coming!

    Lets make a dent in Spout.com!!!


  3. beijo Says:

    It’s realy great, you know.. It’s not boring, ordinary or smth. Really good quality film. you are real artists! We are looking for smth we could show in our theater in univercity. It woud be great to show smth like you did.
    Sorry for my terriful english.
    Thank you for this story.

  4. Sidepocket Says:

    Awww man, how did I miss this? The DVD premier and the SecondLife thing. This kind of stuff is right up my ally!

    I am loading up the movie tonight and watch it tomorrow, I am also going to remote you guys. If you guys have some sort of shindig next time I will make it!

  5. Moment in Time Says:

    I jsut have to say that your film is a trye art. I am really into modern art and
    contemporary pieces. Your film is just so unique and, i don’t know but it has this
    intense edge that gives the film an outlook that the story is so odd, and so different
    it has to be real. it’s really inspiring and, i don’t know it just has this unexpainable
    awe to it. it’s one of the best films that I’ve ever seen and i hope you to stay together
    forever, you two were meant for eachother and are truly inspiring. Good job
    and i hope to see more of your films in the future, just try to make them more underbudget
    and less stressful. lol.

  6. Four Eyed Monsters at Gradina cu doi nuci Says:

    [...] Link to film: Four Eyed Monsters. Link to website: Four Eyed Monsters. [...]

  7. mins Says:

    that is such a moving movie, you guys are like, i dont know how to put it in words. But amazing
    Hope all goes well
    peace out

  8. Charlie Says:

    Well, I don’t know what to say! May be I am satisfied with it. But, I just hope your huys
    good luck! By this I am a chinese .Chese!

  9. John W Says:

    Hi everyone! Four-Eyed Monsters has been submitted to Digg here:


    Help digg them up!

  10. John W Says:

    Hi everyone! Four-Eyed Monsters has been submitted to Digg here:


    Help digg them up!

  11. Stephen Power Says:

    Hey just saw the film, I really enjoyed I must say, was a good spirit to the film, and although i found some parts a little bit pretentious/contradictory, it was still very enjoyable piece, and wish you all the best with it

  12. Dan Baxter Says:

    I just watched the film and was amazed. I plan on buying the DVD this week. Keep up the good work. BTW I decided to promote the film on my popular website DealCatcher.com I hope it helps build some buzz and some spout.com regs. for you guys. Keep up the good work.

  13. mad79 Says:

    I’ve just finished watching your impressive film. It is so inspiring. It’s like a trip. While I was watching the film I got an telephone call. She asked me if I was sleeping because I have been so into the film and couldn’t say a word. Really good work with a wonderful soundtrack! 1 Dollar from a German fan awaiting your next production!

  14. GX Says:

    Just watched your movie. That’s simply great, I signed up on Spout. Good luck with your future as filmmakers and greetings from Italy.

  15. Andrew Says:

    Thank you for making this movie and your online episodes. It is awesome to see anything these days that is so… raw, and just made of someone like your work is. I really hope you can bring the movie to Philadelphia! (I’ve already requested) I wish you guys the very best. I’m a web designer by profession, so if you guys ever need any web work, let me know.

  16. D.T. Says:

    What you folks have put together is an incredibly passionate, daring and touching piece of art. Having seen all the episodes multiple times and having followed the story behind the film for a little while now, my expectations for the film itself were admittedly pretty high. The final product met and exceeded those expecations in spectacular fashion.

    The film is so full of life, love and creativity. It’ll stick with me for a long time.

    Thank you so much for putting so much of yourselves into this project and doing everything you can to make sure it reaches as broad an audience as possible. Good luck to you in the future of this project, and other projects down the road!

  17. andy Says:

    nice film realy catching it gets you hooked loved the ending

  18. Tappotuoppi Says:

    Wow, WOW! this was good!

  19. mrwupy Says:

    Loved the movie. It took me back to the ill spent years of my youth. I wish you much success and happiness in where ever or to whatever life leads you.


  20. Eduardo Cachucho Says:

    I just want to congratulate the two of you.
    When I first clicked on the link for youtube’s first full feature length film, I was expecting some bizzare thing recorded on a couple of cellphones and full of gags.
    But what I saw instead was something truly inspiring. The subtlety and beauty of your film is staggering. It has certainly inspired me to get my new cam and get out there and do something with it.

    Thanks for the inspiration, and a great 74min spent watching your movie!

  21. Bernhard Says:

    I really, really like it…


  22. abby Says:

    so are you two still in love? you guys seem to have the ability to work through shit well, probably because each of you must have strong motivation to work together. that is good. nice job

  23. Duarte Lázaro Says:

    It appears that you have one more country in you fan list….PORTUGAL.
    I’ve just saw the movie and downloaded ALL your podcast, it each one amazes me more than the other.
    And the movie is amazing, im speachless, just let me get my pay check and i’ll help your cause.

    Sincerily yours,


  24. seaweed42 Says:

    I stumbled onto your film quite by chance and was transfixed by it and missed my bed time 2.30am.
    you touch those parts of relationships tha can often get lost in the turmoil of life.
    The truths that engage us to remind us of our real depths as people

    thank you for this reminder.

  25. Dan Baxter Says:

    Great film, way better then 90% of the stuff big studios put out. I look forward to your next project.

  26. Wes Says:

    I just finished watching your movie on YouTube this afternoon, and too be honest, I don’t know what drew me in, but it did. Pardon the comparison, but your film has a “Romeo and Juliet” feel, where love isn’t about happy ever after, yet rather a space in time that will affect your memory for as long as you live. Despite what other’s above say, it’s not about whether you stay together or not, rather it’s about the experience that you did have and are having with this film, that is all that matters. I wish you luck in your endeavors and I appreciate the thought provoking realness that your film supplied me with.

  27. John Says:

    Wow. That was truly amazing. I was looking through youtube and saw the link for this movie.
    70 minutes of pure genius ^_^ The best thing on youtube. I was wondering all day today
    though… Are you two still together..?

  28. Mike Hedge Says:

    yay!!! crazy awesome

  29. Four Eyed Monsters » Dustin Bachrach Blog Says:

    [...] The film was amazingly well done, as if it had the backing of a large studio. The movie is called Four Eyed Monsters. Purchase it here or view the YouTube version here (only available for one week). The two creators [...]

  30. Dustin Bachrach Says:

    Hey, I really enjoyed your movie. I wrote a little review on my blog: http://dbachrach.com/blog/2007/06/09/four-eyed-monsters/

    Good job on your film, and I can’t wait to see what you guys can make next.


  31. Sarah Pinon Says:

    Wow! I really loved this movie. I came across the film on youtube.com and honestly was a tad
    apprehensivebecause I’ve never had much patients to sit in front of my computer for 70 mins straight!
    But I believe it was incredible worth it! I loved the filming. I loved the message. I loved the way
    I felt and the thoughts I had when it was over. Even though I was never an “artsy” kind of person,
    it’s pretty obvious when it’s a trendy kind of art. This movie was anything but that; it was a genuine kind!
    ….without that emo vibe! :P
    Loved the film,

  32. Tyler Says:

    What can I say but amazing. One of the most genuine stories that I have seen. This is what creation is all about. Ideas and sharing. Thank you and best wishes.

  33. Cody Says:

    That was one of the most motivating films I’ve ever seen. Even though I have to wake up early tomorrow… err today… and catch a plane to France I stayed awake through the film because it was so intriguing.

    Throughout the film I felt so many different things. It made me scared, depressed, and a little bit taken back about my future career in art, being a senior in high school these types of things are always on my mind. The “project” as a whole put me in awe because of how unique it is and how the strive to create was greater than your relationship troubles.

    I would write more about how much I loved the film and how much it made me reflect/examine my future/past but sleep is needed tonight.
    Again… it was amazing….

  34. Alexandra Says:

    I love ‘Four Eyed Monsters’…
    watched it several times already
    and it’s beautiful…


  35. katherine Says:

    loved it!!!! wow!!! just brilliant!!!

  36. Tamara Says:

    Great work. I really enjoyed your film- it was creative and refreshing.

  37. justin Says:

    Just watched the film on our Nintendo Wii. How strange is that? Anyway, nice work!

  38. Alan Says:

    Hats off. I posted a piece on my site/blog. Look forward to watching the movie.


  39. Gustavo Gawry Says:

    Great movie! i have bougth the hi quality download… i’m thinking to translate the movie to portuguese… make some subtitles…
    any problem with that?

  40. Bonnie Says:

    I love your film and they way you guys brought the concept together. In fact, I think I like it just a little too much. I found this place yesterday at midnightish and watched the film, all of your episodes, the news videos, requested a screening, checked out your different sites, and sent out emails to all my friends before heading to bed at 5ish in the morning. Only a little bit obsessive but and here I am again at 2:35 pm the next day on your site. One suggestion though, you should set up a way so people can make donations. Good luck!!

  41. Adbud Sori Says:

    I got the DVD so I’ve seen it already but it’s a lovely and touching film and amazing to see that it now reaches such a big audience. I’m making all my friends watch it and sign up! I hope you reach the goal and that you’ll be able to produce more stuff soon. Take care and good luck!

  42. Sammy Says:

    Very nice movie! Although the Pi and Requiem For A Dream Influence was a bit too obvious at times, but well … everybody borrows :)


  43. Ralph Says:

    Great movie! nice story, like the thing that it´s all like the story and the making mixed together,
    i like the fact that it does not follows the traditional timing, storyline etc. And by the way, nice
    music, did you guys made it too?.
    Keep making movies! you´ll be very succesfull!!!

    I posted my sister´s site because i dont have any, she is a painter, if you have time you may stop by her website, hope you like her work)

    Ralph (Rafael), Saltillo, Mexico.

  44. Daniel Says:

    I love your film. Congratulations because it seems like you guys are having a lot of success.
    Daniel from Mexico.

  45. Peter Says:

    Just watched it through when I should have been working! Loved it. Here in Aussie they play that kind of movie on SBS on TV and I prefer the realsim to Hollywood stuff.
    Congrats! Hope you go far.

  46. Rhiannon Says:

    Feel proud guys, this is my new favourite movie. Watching some of the episodes, it looks as if you didn’t enjoy the experience, but although we’ve never met, and probably never will, trust me when I say – for your viewers, it was worth it.

  47. Fhung Says:

    Wow… what a poignant, endearing movie you guys made. And it’s your life! Keep on making movies! I’ve ordered the DVD and I sure will spread the word!
    And hey… btw, I’m going to Vermont Studio Center next year – that bit about Vermont Studio is hilarious!

  48. Alice Says:

    I watched your film on youtube, it’s brilliant. Well done. I love the flying pigeons sequence and seeing how you made it at the end.

    I went and joined spout, so I hope you get out of debt.
    Make another film!!

  49. mayra Says:

    great story…i’m currently working on my own.

  50. Marco Raaphorst Says:

    the whole concept is unique as well as the acting and editing. this as pro as it can be. pro and d.i.y. I love that. I feel freedom when watching this film. Amazing!

  51. Rosie Varela Says:

    I really enjoyed the creativity and passion captured in this film- best film I’ve seen all year. So many emotions captured in 70 minutes,great storytelling.

    Thank you for putting it out there in the way you have, and I am sure you will have all those credit cards paid off very very soon!!

    Big things are in store for you guys- I just know it!!


  52. Hannah Says:

    Brilliant! This movie is so artsy and strange. I enjoyed a lot. =]

  53. ellen Says:

    so i watched the film three times and every time i’m fully captivated. it’s contemporary, it’s stylistic, and honest. after the third time and viewing all the podcasts, i mulled it over, the story, the two of you.

    when susan types, “it sounds like you’re into this experiment and into this process but not really into me,” it sums up the entire four-eyed monsters experience. the promoting, the film festival, the third-party players, all serve as a mask to what really needed attention, the relationship.

    then the film cuts into scenes of those women crying as if susan’s dissatisfaction with the exeriment is a cry for affirmation. wanting to further a connection with the person you love is not a cry for affirmation. putting it in public view might be. your two minds together produce extraordinary things but for one reason or another, you’re looking for outside approval.

    susan’s accusation was never really put to rest. it was only supported when getting accepted into slamdance made you suddenly think everything was ok. the film might represent your relationship, but the success of the film has nothing to do with the success of your relationship. susan sees this and that’s why the passion to work on the film may be lacking. what’s a love story when there isn’t a happy ending? truth be told, failure of the film might come from failure of the relationship. the relationship should’ve come first.

  54. STepheN!!!1!!one! Says:

    LOL. I joined Spout.com and the l’il animation thingy that you two made went Yay!!! And thanked me for giving you guys the monies, LOL. Well, you two are ridiculously cute. And what the blonde chick was saying is correct. You ARE being a control freak. I had a roommate who was just like you. How is she supposed to know whether you love her or whether you’re just interested in being a drama queen. And if you two were just acting, then tee hee, I’m sorry. =D Well, had fun watching your movie! I wish everyone who worked in this movie the best of luck!!!

    -Stephen of Virginia

  55. Butch Burwash Says:

    Good work and worth every effort.

  56. Tudor Says:

    Ok… now.. I saw you’re movie. It’s great! I really like it but what is spout dot com?

  57. Cross-Media/Transmedia Entertainment » Angels & Monsters Says:

    [...] and Susan Buice – have an unusual system too. They’ve made a feature film ,called Four Eyed Monsters, from credit card finance. That isn’t new. What is new [...]

  58. Piet den Dulk Says:

    Nice movie!

    greetings from the Netherlands!

  59. JUSTINE Says:


  60. Azfryna Andriani Says:

    You have created a great film (:
    Its really creative and unique.
    70 minutes of my life wasn’t wasted after all :D
    Looking forward to your other films.

  61. Boo Says:

    Really enjoyed the film. I’ve signed up at Spout.com with the hopes that you can continue your creative path by bringing you a dollar closer to repaying your debt.

    Look forward to seeing more.


    The dream sequence with Susen licking the pole in the subway car…Wow..That’s true commitment to the craft.

  62. Dnyce Says:

    You guys are an inspiration to all independent struggling artist. Thanks for making such a REAL and Universal movie that touches us all. YOU ROCK!

  63. Aron Hinson Says:

    You’re movie was absolute, amazing, visual eyecandy. Wonderfully told stories of all of the characters’ experiences with their relationships. Wonderful subject matter that touches the hearts of a wide audience. Bravo! I fell in love with every frame of it.

  64. Shalindria Says:

    I just want to say that you are contributing some very valuable imformation to the world. I saw your film listed on youtube, and loving that so much I had to watch every other film you have on youtube and now I’ve come to your website and can’t wait to watch and read EVERYTHING. You are extremely brave people, and your message is coming across loud and clear. Thank you for doing this….there’s not much reality in the world today.

  65. J. J. Murphy Says:

    Hey Monsters,

    Thought you would like to know that my blog about
    your movie and the fact that it’s showing on YouTube as part of the Spout promotion was picked up this morning and posted as a “Breakfast Link” (“morning news”) on the Madison, Wisconsin and surrounding area’s major blog. So many more people will now know about it as a result.


  66. Cara Says:

    I loved the mocie. It’s hard to describe what exactly, but it just captivated me. I hope you guys start another project for us to enjoy. Good luck.

    - Cara, the netherlands =)

  67. V Kingsley Says:

    I’ve been following you for years. I started the journey when I was fighting cancer and had lost most of the vision in both my eyes. The honesty and artistic vision in your podcasts gave me hope and an intersting story to follow. Now, all this time later, I beat the cancer, have had my vision restored and get to SEE your film!! I could not be happier for you or for me. I love the art. I love the idea. I love the honesty. Thank you.

    You are linked on my blog and through my website http://www.alotoflife.com


    (PS – spout.com was a great idea! I will buy DVD or Mp4 – which gives you higher profit?)


  68. Adam Clements Says:

    I work for a small film production company in the UK – I’ve just ordered the DVD and I can’t wait to get it!
    From a professional point of view, I think what you have done is something a bit special; we shot our first feature film ‘We’ve Got The Toaster’ digitally and are currently self-distributing, and we are always looking out for innovative distibution platforms – this is literally brilliant.
    Well done, I hope it’s all going great!
    If you’re ever in the UK, drop us a line, it would be amazing to have a chat about it all.
    Take care,

  69. Sean M Says:

    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to wish the the best of luck! I’ve been a fan since maybe the second episode popped up on iTunes. I think I even sent a few of the nasty emails asking why new episodes were taking so long. I saw the film here in a New York a while ago but it was great to see it again and hope you get to a point where you can finance another one before too long.

    I just posted on my blog about your offering; I hope it gets you at least a few more dollars:


  70. bannana Says:

    hey.just wanted to say that i ve seen the film and i loved it.i m from Croatia,a small country in Europe and i thought that you would be glad to hear that your film has reached do many people.

  71. Maddy Says:

    Awesome film. True life, extreme art, perfect comic timing. Brilliant.

  72. David Van Says:

    To show your movie is great, I registered on spout! Should handle the “Free Download” xD

  73. Sean Brady Says:

    Your movie was very fun to watch and cool. I have registered on spout.com to help you out of debt. I hope many people register! =]

  74. Janelle Wallace Says:

    This film was so creative and surprisingly inspiring to me. I registered on spout and tried to send some word out to my friends to get them to watch and register as well. You defiantly deserve it. I hope that it keeps going up in the movie world, no doubt in my mind that it will.
    The idea you had for this film was brilliant, and you obviously met for good reason.
    Keep it up and I hope I can see some more films come out when that debt is clear.
    Good luck!

  75. Nath Theobald Says:

    Unique….inspiring….creatice….totally rageous….and gets you thinking.
    That was an amazing film. Hope you guys make it out of your debt. I reckon it would be a hit over in Australia.
    Keep it up and can’t wait for the next film.

  76. shaneserface Says:

    I am in the video studio in our high school and I like to make videos but what you made is totally cool. I relise how much time and effort, and skill it takes to put together even a short segment and a movie like that is just so amazing to do. I also like the creative and artistic touch that you were able to put in it, It was really fun to watch. I will sign up for that spout thing just for you and if i had the money (im only 15 so i dont…lol) i would somehow send you a huge donation, i hope you break even
    GOOD JOB!!!

  77. James Says:

    Thank you two for making film and sharing /My name is James and I am 40 with two little girls 6 and 12/Last night I found your film at 330 am eastern time and I am new to computers / Wife ran off two years ago The film was so good made me cry and feel my feeling / The two of you are very special. Thank you James /I will have people sign in for you two (I no lots of people And it would be a honor)

  78. Katy Says:

    Hi Susan and Arin,
    I just wanted to thank you for making this film. It’s hard to say what I want without sounding cheesy, but your film really is something special and amazing.. I’m so touched and inspired. I’m a model/prop-making student at uni in the UK, I’ve been meaning to get a camcorder for awhile, and now i really must.
    You both are true artists! And funny too, the humour in it was brilliant.
    Also I was glad to catch a glimpse of the book “Quit Your Job”! James Kochalka is a legend.
    Best wishes to you both, and again Thank You. xxx
    p.s: yeah you should set up a donation thing. I’d give a fiver :p

  79. Katy Says:

    P.s: the post from “Justine” up there (June 12th, 2007 at 11:31 pm) is jokes! LOL

  80. marco Says:

    thankyou so much for sharing this amazing work of art with us i have been hearing things about it for some time now and i finally got round to seeing it. i hope you get rid of your debt so you can continue making great films. deffinately one of the best films i have seen in a very long time, thankyou

  81. Sherman Says:

    Hey fab duo!

    Brian C your audio man sent me to your site.

    I was really impressed with the film. It was interesting and artsy. And kept my attention all the way through.. thank you for this inspiring film.. i hope it leads to much further success.



  82. Bryan Mearns Says:

    Great Movie, hope you make another soon

  83. Seele Says:

    It’s been one of those never-ending holidays in Colombia. But, 15 minutes before the day is over, I can say I’m glad I wokeup today to see that u guys exist and videotaped that encounter. I had spent the last months unable to create through some writing, and in the quarter-last part of your film the words just began to spill out. Now I’ve got at least 3 written pages to proove that I’m not completely dead yet. Anyway, thanx for proving the aching of creating but the force and greatness of it.

  84. Rachel Says:

    I really feel like this film was so good…words can’t describe how much I enjoyed watching it. I think you guys could understand without me explaining how relavent this movie is to real life. It was a true story anyway! I think the fact that it was a true story was what made me like the film so much.

    I wish you two success and fortune,

  85. Rachel Says:

    P.S. Thank you for the inspiration, your film sure did it!

  86. chrisy Says:

    Wow! You have so much talent creating this modern masterpiece. Really, it is. Very creative, imaginative, artistic, erct.
    The concept and message of this film is very stronge and never lost…

    The different medias used in this film are very inspirational, I feel very green once I have seen this film, but at the same time it opens a window to the creative side of the brain. Refreshing.

    I have been telling everyone to help you guys and I’m leaving your youtube link on my website for a long time in hopes of helping you guys out, too.

    Looking forward to any new Projects,


  87. Andrea. Says:

    Perhaps the most beautiful film I’ve ever seen.

    Bought tears to my eyes at the end.

    Thank you so much for creating something so realistic & inspiring.

  88. Patricia Says:


    I just saw the movie in youtube, I really don’t know how I got there, neither why I watched the movie but certanly was a great choice to make. You show so much of reallity about life, love, and also in some way lack of it., My name is Patricia, I’ve been living in New York for 6 months now and I come from Argentina.. I’m in the middle of two amazingly wrong relationships, which none of them are going to succed, and I just realice that with your movie, so what I’m trying to say is thankkkss a lot for making me open my eyes.
    Of course you have my 1 dolar.
    I wish you the best of luck and success in everything you try to acomplish,.

  89. Eric Says:

    I saw a column talking about your film in the National Post in Canada. Made me look it up and watch it. Really good. Congrats. Hope you get out of debt soon… Ironically just saw a movie about going into credit card debt to start a hockey league… Didn’t think anyone would actually do it, but the world never ceases to amaze me.

  90. sugarbat Says:

    Forgive me if this is redundant — if someone’s already commented about this — but has anybody noticed that the Stone Jack Jones song in episode 3 is melodically identical to Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman”? There’s no mention that this is any kind of cover, but there’s no question about the resemblance. The lyrics are different, but even the vocal melody is the same. I’m assuming those guys are too young to remember when “Big Science” was originally released, but maybe one/all of them heard the song and then forgot they heard it? Melody stayed in subconscious or whatever? It can happen, I guess. I’d hate to think it was deliberate?

  91. Libby Gronquist Says:

    So when ever you guys started making the podcasts, that’s when I started watching. A fan of small independent films I was intrigued at the prospect of looking at the life of two filmmakers. With the podcasts I felt like I knew you. You were bearing your soul and we were all participating in something that was truly unique. I couldn’t wait to watch the film. And I just did.
    Just wow. It surpassed any and all of my expectations exponentially. The insight, depth, originality, concept and emotion displayed was phenomenal. Something unique to this project is the premise you started from. It is an inspirational piece of art, no matter what we define it as. You are both immensely talented, and I understand credit card debts and other problems plague your life right now, but you both deserve to look at this film, boiled down to what it is. A brilliant, inspirational, insightful and honest piece of modern film. Take a moment and congratulate yourselves on creating something which truly inspires people.
    You deserve it.
    Yours, from London,

  92. Kindra Says:

    I really love your film. I have watched it so many times and told tons of people about it. I also love your podcast and subscribe on you tube to get all the video pod cast. I really like how well I could relate to the film. As well as the concept of not talking when you meet somebody. I had a boyfriend once we would text each other instead of talking a lot.. but not for creative reason just because we liked to. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next..

  93. Patricia Says:

    What an accomplishment: You put yourselves out there on so many levels. It was captivating, inventive and honest. Such a real depiction of dating and loneliness and the everyday frustrations of artists. I’m a writer, struggling with the interplay of occassional inspiration versus daily dis/un/anti-inspiring, i.e. debilitating circumstances which are too numerous and oftentimes shamefully small and insignificant to begin detailing here. But your film did all of this without seeming whiny or overly affected.

    And the last few minutes, a gem.

    I wish you good vibes in getting free from the debt in the short run and in the long more opportunities to create and inspire.

    Thank you for making this film.

    **Patricia in Los Angeles**

  94. valerio Says:

    i’m watching your movie and yeah, simply brilliant, well crafted, entertaining, artsy… im loving it.. check my paintings if you want!

  95. Thomas Hamburger Jnr Says:

    How could I not join SPOUT after watching your movie? The time just flew by and I’d like to thank you for creating something so special. Genius.

    Kind regards


  96. jyo Says:

    I’ve never sat through 70+ minutes of video on my computer before, but I couldn’t stop watching. Style and substance and and sustained honesty. Good luck in personal and professional.

  97. Dazjae Says:

    Beautiful. Honest. Extremely creative.

    Very enjoyable

  98. PurpleZoe Says:


    “Please. I want some more…”


  99. Leah Potter Says:

    Wow – my partner Steve and I were riveted to our screen for the entire film! We’re totally impressed and we’re sharing the link to your film with everyone we know, including UVic’s Cinecenta. The visuals are so great I want to see this on a big screen. Lookin forward to your next project!

    Warmly –
    Leah in Victoria, BC

  100. Chris Says:

    I first saw your film at at a film festival in East Lansing, MI last year. It was recommended by a friend. I fell in love instantly. Typically, after you watch a film you may be impressed enough to try to follow the filmmaker(s) beyond the theatre. If they captivate you sufficiently, you may keep track of them for more than a few hours of your life, but rarely. You have accomplished this, and more. I have been following this effort for over a year now. By involving the audience in the promotion of your work you have given them a personal connection to the film. That is something I think most filmmakers strive for, but few achieve. Bravo.

    Also, you made it into Wired: http://www.wired.com/entertainment/theweb/news/2007/06/youtubefest

    - Chris

  101. Bingo Says:

    Wow ! How did you get such a good image quality within the 100 meg limit of YouTube ?

  102. Dan Says:

    I LOVE the innocence and naiveté of youthful hearts! Never allow yourselves to be ground under by the Overlords Of Entropy, those archaic calcified mongers of fear and hatred; whose only joy in life is the subjugation, control, and manipulation of the masses.

    Live your lives on the cutting edge of vulnerability, and openheartedness for only then can life’s true purpose be revealed! Never allow yourselves to be brutalized into quiet acquiescence; cause if you do you hand yourself body, mind, and soul as a feast on a silver platter to the gluttons of enslavement.

    In my heart I rejoice when I see young minds such as yours with the creativity, daring, and opportunity to make such explicit explications of the inner turmoil of ones own angst-filled inner struggle.

    NEVER loose your naiveté or innocence, for they are the only things that make life worth living!

    Yours truly, Dan.

  103. Julie Says:

    WOW! I’m almost speechless. I just watched the whole thing of four eyed monsters and at first I thought it was just going to be another weird cartoon someone put together, but it was a really awesome movie.

    Now I realize that there is no, “normal” relationship. Maybe that’s why things never last, because theirs no right or wrong way to how you love someone, or hate someone, it just is. The world is messed up though because their are all those books and marriage counseling and your friends telling you how things should be in a relationship, how they think things should be, but in the end, all that matters is how the two of you think, even though no one else understands, it doesn’t really matter.

    Love is a monster. No one really knows what it is, what it looks like, and everyone has a different perception of their monster; a different fear.

    I have been inspired by your film. Thank you.

  104. jR Says:

    WOW! certainly the first credible representation of this, our “C Generation”. yeah. I’m just telling everyone to please watch it and join spout.com. Congratulations!!

  105. Matt Andrade Says:

    Hey, I’m an aspiring Indie Film Director, me and my good friend Derek have several scripts in the works. I highly enjoyed this film and I sincerely hope to see more from you. I really enjoyed it, I also joined Spout because I know what’s it like to experience money problems when filmmaking lol. Well, I think I could learn a lot from you guys, it would be great to chat sometime. My e-mail is there if you ever want to chat about filmmaking.

  106. Eva Says:

    your film is fantastic! have you tried showing in private/ independent film type of movie theaters?
    really excellent job!! very very realistic, very creative, I just loved it!

  107. Raquel Ponce de Leon Says:

    Loved your film! So many things I could relate to. The layered visuals and editing make it so dreamy, yet the subjects and people are so real – a breathtaking combination. I truly appreciate a movie that doesn’t have to fill in all the blanks, but also isn’t too abstract; you’ve done a beautiful job of expressing yourselves as artists and humans AND creating space for the viewers’ own thoughts/ideas/feelings.

  108. Christopher rice Says:

    you know what’s cool?

    Me watching 4eyed monsters on the iPhone! You guys ready to stream to apple tv!!!

  109. DANNY Says:




  110. Mimi Says:

    Brilliant. A+ I just wish I could get it on DVD.

  111. Joseph Derksen Says:

    Just finished watching your inspiring piece of art! It’s been a while that I’ve genuinly been touched by a film.
    It gives a sense of selfreflection in a very positive way. And it definitely confirms where our generation is at when it comes to love.
    Two thumbs up!

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  112. Walker Says:

    I sent left you guys a message on your voicemail line the day after watching your movie. I guess it’s a comment in of itself to say that I was still in an exetremly scattered frame of mind as a result of having watched it. I don’t know how it came out, I don’t know that you heard it. Your film seems to be turning into a real phenomenon. which I thiink is great by the way. I just wanted to do the fan thing I guess, which is unusual for me because I really never do that. I mean I like things, love them too but being a fan implies this connection with someone that you will really never talk to and I don’t think I’m ok with acknowladging that people who I will never know have changed my life uin some meaningful way. It’s like liking a girl that you know can’t like you back. . Mayvbe it’s an intellectual inferiority complex. The fact that this feeling relates to some degree to the subject matter of your film can’t be coincidental. I don’t actually know that your film changed me, except in the sense that I just said: kind of threw my own lonliness in my face. I want to thank you for making it in any case, if you’d like to talk to me e-mail me airwalker-@hotmail.com

  113. Terry Layland Says:


    I was truely inspired whilst watching your film, I loved the way everything seemed to fall into place and the way I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen! I wish you all the luck in the world with paying back your credit card debt, and a feeling of acheivement for making such a great piece of work. I was touched by the way you could just sit and talk to each other through means of paper, I wish everything was as easy as that haha! Anyway, thankyou for a well enjoyed 70 or so minutes.


  114. Jordan From the UK Says:

    That was awsome guys. good job.

  115. Ronnie Says:

    im sorry for my english… i am danish…!
    i am in shock at your amateur movie… its… *i got no words*
    i will make my friends and family to watch this and give a donation :-)
    i am stunned about your passion and your work… and your honesty
    thank you very much for entertaining me this past hour… and the next couple off days thinking off you…

  116. Orak Says:

    im so sorry for my english . im from iran !
    so . .. i saw your episodes . i love theme . but i didnt undrestand what are they . are they films ? cartoons . . . i didnt undrestant . whould you say what are they ? why you made theme ? for what ?

  117. Bartek Says:

    Ufff…U made me crazy! I guess that history can make my girl from Spain coming back to me…I hope…She’ll understand more than she alredy did…
    Thank you…

  118. Sarah Says:

    This movie is amazing on so many levels!
    Well done. It is so incredibly inspiring. And your honesty is mindblowing

    So beautiful.
    thanks so much for sharing it with us.
    Sarah (Sydney)

  119. Stacy Alexander Says:

    You guys are rock stars. Ok. I didn’t like that semi-corny shot from inside the clothes dryer…but the rest was perfection…and even that shot wasn’t so bad. Enjoyed your work tremendously.

  120. aljohnson.co.uk » Four Eyed Monsters Says:

    [...] There are video updates and high def downloads available on the website, foureyedmonsters.com [...]

  121. The Future of TV and Movies Says:

    [...] school of Internet marketing is a feature film put together by Arin Crumley and Susan Buice called Four Eyed Monsters.  They made the film by putting $100,000 on their credit cards and posted the entire film on [...]

  122. Strange Days… » Blog Archive » Four Eyed Monsters - the movie Says:

    [...] years ago I ran across the Four Eyed Monsters, two New York artists that have made a quite interesting film together about their relationship, [...]

  123. Warning: convergence in progress » Blog Archive » Ben Waggoner interview pt 2 - Web based distribution, Sliverlight and a newfound focus on standards Says:

    [...] ironic- Foureyedmonsters, which is doing really well in terms of having a large audience on the internet, I’d bet that [...]

  124. Darryl Richardson Says:

    I was brought to tears. Movie was completely different than what I thought. Today is my 21st birthday and I didnt really do anything so I looked around on ourstage.com and decided to see what the prizes were for this months winnings. It said a copy of “Four Eyed Monsters” I was wondering what it was so i clicked it. I then told myself “oh its one of ‘these’ types of films…” so I clicked the play button and was instantly pulled in. Ive gone to art schools my entire life and to me Film majors were kind of weird and they did weird things. But as an animation major I found myself ot grow a lil bit and realize that I might like different stuff then when I was a kid. So I started trying any and everything and this film is one of them. So Id like to say to you thanks! Hope everything goes well with your debt and cant wait for the next big project! Hope it lands you in an even bigger mess this time ^_^.
    sincerly, Me

  125. matan Says:

    Ive just watched the film
    it is beautifull and Inspiring

    so if youll ever need anything from Jerusalem…
    let me know

  126. Nazli Says:

    this was one the best stories I’ve ever seen. the way you express yourself is so naive and artistic.
    It’s really rare to meet people that are putting themselves and their inner world as bare as you two do.
    I really want to thank you for doing these kind of brave and innovative movies and sharing it with us. I hope you’ll
    keep on doing this. :)

  127. Loak Says:

    well, I was looking for something to watch, and suddenly your film appeared, I think it’s very great!! I loved the music,story, everything, I like de kind of movies that makes you feel the story, and well I also believe in this story, it’s well, amazing, destiny, faith, hope, life!! It’s wonderful, let´s try more and still working I wish I could made this kind of work in a near future, CONGRATULATIONS, kisses!! and let’s universe change our time!

  128. Four Eyed Monsters « Says:

    [...] Eyed Monsters Jump to Comments Four Eyed Monsters was the first full length Feature Film to be premiered on [...]

  129. Jared Says:

    A great video. I will do what I can to spread the word.

  130. Dazi Says:

    Hello guys!
    doing good!
    I like it very much!
    I ll waiting for your new film.

  131. Stefan Hayden » Dedication Says:

    [...] if this movie looks good or not. I want to like it but something about it really makes me think of Four Eyed Monsters. Something about the editing, music, and story just have that feel to it. If it’s ripping [...]

  132. Suukyi Gomez Says:

    Hey guys, I’m just wondering, are you two still together? Or did your relationship fizzed out because of the stress of doing this film? Because you don’t refer to each other as boyfriend/girlfriend, only as co-producer,co-director etc. And I’ve seen your myspace pages and your statuses are Single. Sorry for being nosey :P just wanted to know.

  133. Xinwei Says:

    normal story could be moving if brought by arty people. You guys are great, hang on with that, stay cool

  134. Michiel Vaernewijck Says:

    When I first saw this film, I was blown away. The emotion, work, blood, sweat and probably tears have really found their way onto the screen. You guys are great. I watched all your podcasts and you really are a part of the motivation I have for making films. So, Arin and Susan, I thank you!

    I thank you for this fantastic film you’ve made for us.
    Maybe add me on MSN for a quick chat about you and your film. sir.colonel.smithers@hotmail.com
    Hope to see more of you guys appearing soon!

    Michiel Vaernewijck
    Eastern Lights Productions

  135. radelica Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! this is amazing- i wasn’t sure at first, but i LOVE it!

  136. mimi Says:

    Where on the site can I buy the DVD?
    Sorry, I’m not very computer savy.

  137. mimi Says:

    nevermind. Just found it.

  138. Teddy Says:

    I can’t express how this film has changed my life. Not only is the film itself amazing, what you both went through to get it out is inspiring. This film came at a time in my life where I was debating whether or not to continue my eduacation in film school or switching to a buisness degree. I know they’re polar opposites but I was just losing faith in film. This definantly affirmed my faith in not only film but people. I know it sounds like a lot from just 70 min. of a Youtube size video; but it is what it is. Thank you.

  139. Teddy Says:

    by the way, I think it would be incredible if you both kept the film on your site a little longer. I think a lot of the people watching this are college kids and most of the college kids probably discovered it over summer break so by the time the get back to college and start telling people about it it’s going to be off the site. Just a suggestion.

  140. Pauline Says:

    Thank you for this film.
    I love it… all of it…

  141. Jaytee Says:

    Truly inspiring. Thank you!

  142. Andrew Says:

    Some films set out to take an issue and highlight it. Some films attempt to play with your preconceived notions of love, happiness, fear, or doubt. Still others try to evoke some new thought in the viewer, to whatever effect it may have. None of the films I have ever watched managed to actually capture the very nature of what it is that connects us, or rather keeps us apart, in the modern world so successfully. I’m glad I stayed awake long enough to find it!

  143. wendy Says:

    a quotation that will always be with me:
    “is this the part where we grow old together?”

    i adore cynical romance. haha.

  144. The Shmax Says:

    Hey guys I thought it was great. very well put together. i love the “i think the fact you could be watching me at any moment is exciting” part; twas great. hey if you ever could get the chance please could you give me back that dollar i got you guys next time you can? that’d be great if you could. =] I thought the note thing was cute =]

  145. I’ve Got the Mike, You’ve Got the Moshpit Says:

    [...] flims this month. Some obsure ones that you might never have heard of. And you must watch this one- http://foureyedmonsters.com/watch/. It’s on myspace tv, but not for long, watch it quick! It’s a unique little flim, you [...]

  146. Magdalena Says:

    loved your film. good job… very inspiring,,, ;) check out my band ,, POLisz This… when you get some time,,, id like to get my music in film.


  147. Richard Kuehne Says:

    Just finished watching your video. AWESOME!!! I am putting up a blog and everything else for the video’s and wanted consent to put part one and two of your video’s on my website with a link to the spout.com/foureyedmonsters page.

    Also, I do professional web design and would love to offer any assitance that I can for free. Just let me know by email. Absolutely uplifting and makes sense of life all in one. Will also be requesting a viewing here in columbus ohio and would go all out to help you guys out in that area.


  148. Sarah Says:

    okay- so I def watched your video on friday- it was simply the best. yuu two have an amazing future ahead of you, I even signed up for sprout under 3 different acconts, i totally gave you 3 dollars!! wooot.
    four eyed monsters is about the best name for a film, and a name to call a couple! too cute.
    You guys did a great job, and are inspiring me…

  149. Kyra Says:

    I just finished watching you film.
    It was amazing and now I’m going to make all my friends watching it.
    I’m inspired and now I need a video camera.

  150. Xhris Says:

    Where’s episode nine?

  151. Sandeep Mohan Says:

    Appreciate the effort and the smartness with which you guys have created and marketed this film. Hats off…I recently made a
    38 Minute HDV Short called BOMBER BRIEFS. You both are invited to visit the site at http://www.myspace.com/bomberbriefs. Regards and all the best

  152. The Burgess Says:

    Fanbloodytastic, this film of yours! Cheers!

  153. Sarah Says:

    OMFG Guys!! This movie is GREAT!! I loved everything about it. Everything about it is great. This has inspired me to grab a camera and start filming my life. All I have to say is OMG GREAT!!!!

  154. Natica Says:

    After watching this movie it made me start to think about why being in a relationship seems so difficult. They say communication is the key but then again what exactly should we be communicating in the first place? I live in Thailand, moved here about a year ago (had lived in England since I was born before moving to Thailand), I am currently learning Thai and thats just go to be another barrier for communication I think. I love your movie and had been following the podcasts intently. Actually I was quite pissed that the movie was on youtube as Thailand a few months back banned youtube from being viewed here!(some political issues). So when I thought I’d check you out on myspace I realised hooray! The movie is on here too! I was patient and let it load, my internet sucks at my university so believe me I was patient.
    All in all, I really did love this. But I can’t help but be curious of how the story continues, please don’t keep us waiting toooo long, but rest up first!

    Nat xXx

  155. gee Says:

    i’ve never been in a relationship, i’ve been thinking more on my collage/ school work then my love life, i like to say that this movie is kickass! i’ll be asking some movie theaters to play this to help out…. always colorado…. never fun…. goodbye.

  156. Douglas Reese Says:

    Read full review at my blog at : douglasreese.blogspot.com

  157. Jordan Says:

    tremendous! thanks for inspiring me to press on and get my film done!

  158. Oliver Says:

    So, I’m flipping through a text book for my film class and I come across this:
    Pardon the blurred edge, but either way, I thought it was freakin awesome to see your film in a text book about filmmaking! KEEP IT UP!

  159. Robert Says:

    “amateurs ” is correct. all of you. i feel tricked after two hours of waiting for a point. which is directly reflected again in the presentation of episode 9 … oh wait. there IS no episode 9. did you take cliffhanger class a bit too seriously?

    brilliant of you to flake out on the release print sf interview as well. respect you a lot (professionally) for that. all this despite an endless amount of support and candy-coating from your fans. makes an independent filmmaker frustrated that you’ve squandered the opportunity to pieces and turned terrible reality television into breath taking artwork, then back to reality television again.

    i do, however, wish you good luck (sincerely) should you ever decide to actually commit as opposed to hiding behind the cushion of the sleepless nights that EVERY filmmaker endures.

    all eyes on you

  160.   The State of the Independent Union by Resources Says:

    [...] online for quite a while and is keeping close watch on how young filmmakers like Joe Swanberg and Arin Crumley (he’s a fan of both) are making and marketing and selling their films. They are vociferous [...]

  161. steph Says:

    Hey Susan,
    Did you notice that you were in the New York Times Magazine on Sunday? They did a photo spread of hipsters in Williamsburg walking on the street, and you were wearing a plaid shirt (?). It was cool being able to recognise you!

  162. José Says:


    I’m from Brazil, i just watched the movie now, and that’s was the first internet movie that i have seen completely.
    Let me tell why, this movie is so brilliant and well done compared to others movies around the internet.
    The photography looks so nicely varied and combined and that’s fit so well in the film.
    You did a extremely well done film, the beggining, middle and the ending of the history is so cool, bringing the viewers emotions every time.
    I do small films here with my super8 and minidv cameras and your film was inspiring to me, like your perseverance to release the film, do all that work, believing in the project… that’s real filmmaking.

    Greets from Brazil.

    PS: I joined Spout, keep doing films ! :)

  163. AG Says:

    I just have to say that after watching the film and the mini episodes it made me feel that with enough hard work
    and dedication that anything is possible. The truths in this film really touched me in a way that I have never
    felt before and now I think I can actually get my book started and my own film done.

    Good work!!!

  164. Antoinette Says:

    Wow. Well I just stumbled upon your film on someone’s page on Myspace. I clicked on it and something told me to watch it. This film was unique and crazy! The beginning of the film captured me by the way you make everyone see we are all the same and we all want someone else in our life to love. Made me want to do my life’s goals. It made me want to love my girlfriend more and appreciate her for what we both are. I want to tell everyone about this film now.
    Excellent job.

  165. Lamb Says:

    Last night my boyfriend had to leave his house to call me because he choses to be stepped on and avoid arguments. He’s not comfortable talking to me or anyone else for that matter if he’s in the presence of his family.
    To change the subject of this matter in question of having to leave your own home in the middle of the night just to talk to someone, he told me about Susan and Erin and their Four Eyed Monster. He described your podcasts to a T. And insisted that he wanted to watch your movie with me.
    I immediately refused only because of his description which made you guys come off as poor souls who struggled so bad to make a movie and suckered in people to pay it off for you.
    When i explained these feelings to him, he decided that he was wrong and that he had perhaps not properly described your journey through your podcasts to me properly.

    So here I am despite my initial refusal to participate in this, willing to give the benifit of doubt.
    Unfortunately I managed to endure the first 4 episodes of your podcasts, and proceeded to skip through the longest 70 minutes ever.

    Then I even took the time to read each and every single comment left here on your site by your fans, and it’s struck me odd that only one person had a slightly negative response. Robert.

    I love that you both are artists of true and deep nature. It’s freeing to see people go all out when they truly believe.
    But i find it terribly sad that you’d go out of your way to make this independant movie which is not supposed to be about the money and fame, and yet call people out to pay off your debt for something you chose to do. Where’s the honesty there?
    Now don’t get me wrong, helping hands are always welcome in any situation at any given time… but when you make people believe that you’ve had to endure such terrible things and have sleepless nights and convince them that you’ve truly suffered to make this project come to life… You’re both young, you have the world at your feet, you can do what you want and not worry about what tomorrow brings.

    People all around you in this crazy godforsaken world we live in die everyday. They endure torture and struggles you could not even begin to imagine. They go hungry for days, weeks, months. They don’t sleep from fear of dying.

    Your idea of love is beautiful, naive and eye opening, but oh so tainted.

    It’s like the people who made you believe they were helping you, and then came back for their piece of the pie, their credit or money… it broke you two down. Don’t do what they did to you to the public.

    Next time around go all out, but at least be true to what you stand for, don’t be a trader, don’t be a sell-out. Come clean.

    But i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making people believe.
    Everything is possible.

  166. Miranda Marshall Says:

    I love you guys.

    Oh em gee.

  167. sal Says:

    just finished watching the movie, came across it unexpectedly, it was listed on watchnewfilms.net so i thought i’d look into it, found your site, signed up to spout, hope that dollar goes to good use. great movie, i really dig it, hope you guys get what you deserve for all you put into it.. and i dont mean $$

  168. Mary Says:

    wow you guys are amazing
    after i watched your movie i immediately went to spout.com and joined
    and if theres anything else i can do to help let me know. i am also TRYING to make a film
    still working on the script though haha and u guys really inspired me so thanks =]

  169. Namaste » IFP Says:

    [...] The couple that produced Four Eyed Monsters were panelists. There film is (slightly surprising, considering my taste) actually really worth a [...]

  170. Christopher Welch Says:

    wow… all I can say is. you … I cant even… that was amazing fucking brilliant….thank you guys…and I hope you guys make it in the together and fix the unfixable. I support you and will get as many people as possible sign up for spout..I cant describe the amount of emotion I get from this film…its crazy ….good job…good luck…and if theres anything I can do for you guys even tho im just some random person…let me know.

  171. Guillermo Morín Says:

    I’m mexican, I love good films and I understand english but I’m a bad english writer so I just have one word for your movie; fascinating!

  172. John Furie Zacharias Says:

    4EM is moving and funny. In appreciation, I just joined spout.com and I hope to spread the word, too.

  173. Heron Shimura Says:

    I’ve just watched your movie in Youtube and I decided to come here and congratulate both of you for this very hard working project; I’m sure you’re had quite dificulties in shoting this but compensation the result is awesomely pleasent.
    The way you’ve met (if it’s true what the movie shows) was more than fun and interesting.!
    I agree with some woman up there that said you’re strangely beautiful besides such a cute couple too.
    I hope all the best.

    Hugs and kisses from Brazil.

  174. ADA Says:

    well… feel a bit…silly that i got here so late, but… i really want you to know that… i enjoy what you are doing…. I study acting and…. i don’t have quite alot of time to get on internet, but this night really felt like i have to do it guys!!!! you really are great!!!!Keep it on!
    Well… and hello from Romania

  175. The Poulette Family » links for 2007-09-28 Says:

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  176. Mari J Says:

    This film was GRREAT, you’ve just made a fan in Finland! I’ve got to recommend it to my friends and yes, you’ve got my dollar too from Spout :D

  177. Greg Hawkins Says:

    Hi guys,
    It is 3:00 in AM and i need to get up at 6…. thanks for the movie, you will give me something to think about while i am sitting at my boring job trying to stay awake after another insomniatic night. Then again maybe i will not even sleep and watch your story again…. great pice of work, lots of thought and it looks like it was from the heart, you both need each other, that i can tell… be strong relationships are not easy in this life……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..nor the next i hear…………………….

  178. Inside Vancouver Film School - Filmmakers Seize Control Says:

    [...] of Film David Hauka moderating a talk with two pioneers of DIY film distribution, Arin Crumley (Four Eyed Monsters) and Lance Weiler (Head Trauma). Lance’s first film, The Last Broadcast, was made for $900 [...]

  179. skippy Says:

    hey guys i loved ur movie! it’z my new faovrite. it showed me alot that i am a four eyed monster and i do sometimes have trouble communicating to girls like arin does,but all in all i thot the movie was AMAZING

  180. Grainspirit Says:

    I feel like you’ve managed to show a phase of a gramophone needle being stuck at a record..a phase I’ve been through that really isn’t repetitive but a strange, unfocussed existence, and full of seemingly life-changing revelations..

    Don’t know if that made sense to you, but I liked the movie.

  181. Blog Archive : The Artist Moving (through) the Web @ Video Vortex » Masters of Media Says:

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  182. Wild Sound » Watch Says:

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  183. Chris Dickerson Says:

    I think that was one one of the most enjoyable and wittingly delightful 70 minutes I have had in a long time! Major kudos to you guys!

    I am taking classes at SJ and Brad told me about the film and I absolutely loved it! Sheer brilliance…

    Keep on keeping on!!!


  184. Cirocco » Archive » De kunstenaar en zijn nuttige neuroses Says:

    [...] ben een fan van Foureyed Monsters. Ik heb er een tijd geleden over geschreven, ik gebruik ze als voorbeeld van moderne content makers [...]

  185. Mark Danger Chen » AoIR8 Day2: Friday's keynote: Henry Jenkins Says:

    [...] [Check out Four Eyed Monsters.] [...]

  186. Stephanie Barto Says:

    Susan and Arin,

    FEM is truly a work of art. Also, Susan’s artwork within the film is not only eye catching but somehow seems to naturally compliment Arin’s film making style, while still being separate, and valid in its own right. (I’m going to do a bit of searching on the web,because I’m hoping more of Susan’s work is posted somewhere?).

    I know both of you have probably heard this before, but this film really captured so many things about relationships that are difficult to put into words: Base lust mixing with fears of disappointment, uncomfortable small talk, piqued interest followed by a jolt of connection, and that very human “wanting” of deep emotional contact with someone (but not just anyone). Even with all that wanting, I think most of us are afraid of being disappointed when we finally do start to know someone, but I think we are also afraid of being the disappointment. To me, your film touched on all of those issues by showing 2 genuine people trying to work their way through and around them in a unique way. I understand that this film is based on your own relationship? Two artist’s finding their Muse in each other? The whole movie seemed to depict the development of a love so genuine, imperfect, and beautiful that I’d have to be made of ice to not be moved by the concept alone (the framing, camera work, etc elevate this movie to the truly and unquestionably professional).

    Kudos, Kudos, Kudos! I’ve never felt so moved by a film that I bought the T-shirt, but I had to get yours. Thanks for making this film.

  187. Tim Clague Says:


    Saw you at Power to the Pixel – and saw you in Berlin earlier in the year. I’m 100% behind the whole film2.0 movement and good luck with your film efforts. Have blogged about and it linked etc obviously. And watched it naturally!!!

    I hope you get a chance to check out my own project which is in a similar style. Slightly different in that we are selling advert slots within the film so as to raise some cash upfront. We can probably make a go of this as we have more film making background that you did at the start of your project – eg. I’m a BAFTA nominated writer.

    But that’s enough chat – see for yourself.


    It’s a modern love story.

  188. Karan Singh Says:

    hey guys…
    This letter comes straight from India…just finished seeing your movie… also registered on Spout. I would say..its an amazing movie…i would say a really a brave effort…and all sorts of blah blah blah.. but then every one must have already told you that.. i just wanna say..that you guys inspire!the movie stands..the story stands.. but what really stands out the most is the way you went about it… the courage you showd in brining together this proj. You know whats that one element which really makes a movie special .. its sheer Magic… which comes thru madness, sheer insanity. Thats what came across when i saw your movie. Many of us In india or worldwide..are too scared to take that final plunge.. we are too scared to leave the comfort of our homes…our friends..the society which rules us and venture out in the open..to be ourself.. to do what we want to do…but you did…and thats why i say you INSPIRE!! i too am a neuve film maker…and have been edgy of late…cribbing..that though i know my stories are good.. though i believe in them.. no one is willing to finance them. But now i will… go ahead and make it..come what may.
    Thank you so much guys…for this lovely movie..and making us lost youngsters understand.. if we really want something..all we need to do is …venture out…sometimes alone…and we might just find it.
    Thank you…and wish you guys all the luck

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    [...] cinema 2.0: l’ormai famoso progetto A Swarm of Angels di Matt Hanson ed il meno conosciuto Four Eyed Monsters di Susan Buice e Arin [...]

  191. jonathan morris Says:

    hi arin and susan ,
    you gave me a dvd of your movie when i was involved in a seminar at the LFF [i am ken loachs editor].at last i have
    watched it and i thought it was terrific,innovative and very enjoyable.well done best regards jonathan morris

  192. Tools » Blog Archive » Welcome to the latest Shooting People blog! Says:

    [...] self-distribution and survived to tell the tale. Filmmakers like Arin Crumley and Susan Buice with Four Eyed Monsters, Hunter Weeks with 10MPH, and Todd Rohal with The Guatamalan Handshake. We want to talk about [...]

  193. Scott Says:

    Its refreshing to see true art coming out. To see people put into film what you guys have. Im sure we dont even know the half of it. Point is, more of the film industry should be like that…

  194. Media Is Culture and It's Converging | BFG Blog Says:

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  197. From The Hip » Blog Archive » Mumble Mumble Says:

    [...] 2005 when the Duplass Brothers’ The Puffy Chair, Arin Crumley’s and Susan Buice’s Four Eyed Monsters, Andrew Bujalski’s Funny Ha Ha, and Swanberg’s first film Kissing on the Mouth all [...]

  198. From The Hip » Blog Archive » Four Eyed Monsters online for free Says:

    [...] Four Eyed Monsters is online for free for 1 week only (all 71 minutes of it) so check it out on YouTube now. Also if you join Spout the filmmakers get a dollar. Arin and Susan have been trying some really innovative distribution and marketing strategies for Four Eyed Monsters and I think it’s really great to be able to a) support them and b) learn from their experiments. You can find out more about all the great stuff they have done, plus get tutorials so that you can do it some of it yourself for your film at http://www.foureyedmonsters.com [...]

  199. Four Eyed Monsters » Blog Archive » Welcome to our experiment Says:

    [...] Watch our film. [...]

  200. Jeffers Says:

    Thank you for that experience

  201. Mike Krumlauf Says:


    Loved the new intro for the Divx Copy! Cant wait to get my hands on the Next DVD Release!

    Keep up the good work!


  202. Bus Says:

    I really loved this movie, and even more I love what you are doing! Thank you both for sharing!

  203. Grégoire C-B Says:

    Thank you OH SO MUCH !

    This baby of yours, this movie, this vibrant piece of life is a real jewel ! Thank you so much for putting all your efforts in sharing it : this way I *accidentally* got to see it on the Net. Now, what is it about these 71 minutes that moves one so much ? Perhaps the opportunity to see birth closely, slowly, in all its mistery – the birth of a four eyed, one beating heart monster – the birth of an artist-seeker (actually, two for the price of one) – the birh of a wholly new and captivating movie style.

    I’m giving your DVD a flight to France ! And recommending this trip around deep links and winged images to everybody I know. And sticking “illegal” ads. Perhaps even a nice poster to close my sleepy eyes on ?
    Getting cool projects to work definitely is a hard part : I’ll try and help you modestly, and wish you lots of courage and warmth !

    THANK YOU again, you bunch of dream-makers,
    Paris, France

  204. Jessica Tapia Says:

    Hi there, my name is Jessica, I´m 21 years old and I work in a work in travel agency since a year and a half.
    I´m from Mexico City and I discovered your film like 5 days ago. Since that day i´ve been sending mails to all my friends and customers around the world telling them about you guys. The film is breathtaking. I broke up with my boyfriend a weak ago, so you can imagine how awful i´ve benn feeling these days, but you helped me to move on with my life. You gave me hope to keep searching for the love of my life, i know he is somewhere, he doesn´t have to be perfect for others, just for me… only for me.. Hugs and kisses since Mexico, your are welcome here and hope that someday you be able to come here to show my people what great art and true love are…
    Take care..

  205. Dater_ Says:

    Great movie.

    Greets from Poland.

  206. Kurt Says:

    I just want to say, that this was an incredible movie. I just don’t know how to describe my love for this movie. It was just so different then any movie I’ve seen before. I was on Stage 6 today looking around, and saw this and was a little confused at first. But after reading a bit about it and what not, I decided to watch it, and I am so glad I did. I just want you two to know, that you have put something together, that is just absolutely amazing, and I will be getting a bunch of my friends to watch it too. Keep up the good work, you guys are great. I am going to start watching the episodes now. =)

  207. gianna Says:

    I love every aspect of this film. I accidently came across it trying to find another film and i totally ditched the other one and watched this more than once.

    I love it, really.

    great great work

  208. juan Says:


  209. Hannah Says:

    Hay! I’m from England so obviously the promotion etc hasn’t reached me, I stumbled across the film while looking for something else and decided to watch it :) Its an excellent film, I would never have known that you hadn’t done this before, you should be so proud to create something so beautiful and original!

    Really glad I watched it, found it really thought provoking and left me thinking for hours, which is definatley the sign of a good film. I’ve also started watching your episodes now – i’m pretty hooked!

    Good luck guys and all the best,

  210. Sabina Says:

    I love it!! :)
    Went right away to join spout.com, started to translate the movie into my mothertangue und sent the link for the movie to my friends :)

    I am thrilled! :)

  211. Sofia Says:

    I’ve watched this film about 10 times =]… I love it!
    To be honest, I stopped having an interest on arts last year.
    After I watched your movie I got inspired, and I’m interested again!
    thank you! =]

  212. Freja Says:

    You got swedish fans as well. Love the movie. Will probably order it within the next few weeks.

  213. amfnk Says:

    This movie is GREAT…

  214. Dain Binder Says:

    Four Eyed Monsters (2005) is a truly original and artistic narrative film; part drama, part documentary. As part of the project there are also thirteen webisodes that make this experience more than a movie. It is a story of a relationship at its core but turned into so much more. The title refers to a couple, the oneness of two people, and how that oneness can often turn into a monster.

    Arin Crumley and Susan Buice have created an emotionally powerful film about their relationship and sexuality. The collection of music is intoxicating when mixed with the unique, often abstract, videography. In the beginning of the film we are introduced to Arin and Susan’s past; they are both introverted struggling artists. After meeting online they start a very eccentric relationship in which they do not talk. They decided talking is usually the most uncomfortable part of a relationship and that they would only “speak” through writing, video, and artistic means. During this time they also decide to make the film that you are watching. Regret, love, empathy, jealousy, and all the emotions that come with a relationship are touched on.

    7 out of 10 (webisodes 9 out of 10) – It takes us deep into the mind and feelings of today’s relationships, albeit from two very artistic and erratic people. I recommend watching the movie first then all the webisodes (all are on the DVD). I found the webisodes to be more interesting than the film and they give important insight about Arin and Susan and the film. They are also very powerful from a filmmaking stance about the ups and downs of creating an independent film. The movie did run a bit slow and lost its direction a few times and although beautiful and compelling, some of the imagery didn’t add value to the film. Once I saw the webisodes I felt they could have done better with the feature film. Overall the project (film and episodes) was interesting and entertaining; I found myself wanting more.

  215. moncler Says:

    Thank you for sharing, I will always remember

  216. Kyle Fenrick Says:

    Hello, i just watched the film(i am sorry for saying that because well it seems everyone starts with that) very well done and outside of the box thinking with i would say mirroring of the true world today, along with using myspace layout’s for the friends. I like the way you think.

    I wish to chat a little bit with you, add me on facebook if you have it, or my myspace url


    Thank you for your time :)

  217. Vidasovalee Says:

    I Really Loved this movie, this is my faovrite good quality movie!

    You guys are great thanks for sharing for us!

  218. rayan Says:

    I just watched the film and was amazed. I plan on buying the DVD this week. Keep up the good work. BTW I decided to promote the film on my popular website dealpocket.com I hope it helps build some buzz and some spout.com regs. for you guys. Keep up the good work.

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