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Word of mouth gets ‘Four Eyed’ on screens

By Leslie Brokaw | September 3, 2006

It’s a movie, it’s a podcast, it was created by a Massachusetts native, and it’s coming to the Somerville Theatre.

“It” is a film called “Four Eyed Monsters,” which was put together by Framingham native Susan Buice and her boyfriend, Arin Crumley. The film retells their experiment of communicating without directly speaking in the early months of their friendship.

“On our first date we met up on the pretense of only communicating by artistic means — videos, e-mails, written notes,” says Buice, 28, who got a BFA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. “That continued for four months, and we though it was such a wacky experience that we could turn it into something. Would it be a video installation? An art piece? We ended up with a movie.” (They also ended up with a relationship: They met in September 2002 and have been together since.)

They marketed the film with a standalone website , a site, clips at, and a series of podcasts (mini movies viewable on an iPod) that took people behind the scenes. That built word of mouth enough to get the film into 18 festivals worldwide. In April, it played the Independent Film Festival of Boston , where the filmmakers were on hand to give a talk about alternative means of distribution.

Their innovation continued when they asked fans to put in requests to get the movie in theaters in their cities. Based on response (there were 256 requests for Boston), “Four Eyed Monsters” will play the Somerville Theatre on Thursdays in September, starting this week. IFFB is helping promote the release, and Buice plans to attend on either Sept. 14 or 28. Details and sneak peeks are online at

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