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Saving for a new car is fun and exciting. With each dollar that you save, you can imagine your hair blowing in the wind while driving down your favorite avenue. Impressing your friends, helping beloved family members and neighbors, or just simply getting to work in one peace may be reasons for this conquest. Whatever the motive may be, putting your funds aside does not have to be difficult. You learn discipline and the importance of money. If you are buying it yourself, you can appreciate the value in knowing about down payments, monthly payments, standard features and add-ons.

Select the time that you will purchase.

According to experts, car prices are reduced a the end of the month. Many car associates benefit greatly when they meet the monthly sales quota. In order to meet this number, they might be open to negotiations that they would not consider any other time. Whether it is working with a credit issue or lowering a down payment, the car associate may actually hear you out. Use this time to find the vehicle at a few different stores and even online. Then you can manage your negotiations at the end of the month.

Consider Buying Last Year’s Model.

Buying a car that is a year or two older can help you significantly. You can still buy a new car off of the lot, with all of the bells and whistles ,and at a fraction of the cost. You might even find that the older model has more features like a longer warranty, free gifts or gas cards, free servicing, etc. You can still look cool without breaking the bank. Car makers might be more willing to negotiate with customers in order to get the stock off of the lot. And, the prices will be lower.

Bargain with dealers

Another idea is to pit dealers against each other is a great way to find a deal on a car. They suggest that you contact different dealers about the same car and see which one will give you the best rate. If there is one type of car that has more features, tell the associates about your other bids to see if they can get the price reduced. The dealer with the lowest price can be the one that you go with. Be sure to discuss down payment and monthly payment plans during this time.

Shop online

Online sites are a handy tool to use when shopping for a car. Kelly’s Blue Book is the car buying staple that many people use to sell their cars and look up the value of a car. Other sites include and You can find local dealers, build a model that you are looking for and check out all of the features that a car has such as performance, safety and engine specifications. Carmax is a good site to find out the history of a car. If you are going to buy a certified used car, it is best to use a site like this to make sure you are not buying a lemon.

Save, Save, Save.

If you need to make money to buy the car, you must save. After you know which type of car you want to buy, find out how much you will need for a down payment. If you can, try to save for the monthly payments as well. Your down payments can be for a small amount or a large amount depending on which car you are buying. Setting aside ten percent of the amount each month, can help you reach your goal in no time. It is also good to know if you would like to consider financing or paying for the car from your own financial resources.

Decide when you want to get the car.

Whether you need a car within the next month or the next year, it is important to plan. The longer amount of time that you plan, the more successful you will be in getting exactly what you want. If you plan right, you might be able to put a down payment on a car and the dealer will hold it for a certain amount of time.